5 Social Media Tips for Teens

Social media is one of the most important means of contact that teenagers use today. As parents, we often believe that our tweens and teens already follow the rules but the accountability for social media is not a one-time conversation. Check-in regularly with your children to make sure they make good choices online and on their mobile phones.

These 5 guidelines are a perfect way to bring the teenagers into the social media discussion:

Respect yourself

Show how awesome you are on social media, and reflect yourself accordingly. Make sure the pictures are appropriate and don’t not upload or email images of yourself nude, provocatively clothed, or make lewd gestures. Stop sharing something your grandma wouldn’t want to see on New York Times front cover!

Be positive

If you have nothing nice to say, please don’t share. Stop ranting or arguing on social media with strangers, and writing while you’re angry. You may get angry with your mom so expressing that frustration with the world will be really rude. Just stay positivity and create positive vibes.

Know your followers

You can be very risky allowing random stranglers to access your information. If your account seems innocent, be mindful that there are several spam accounts by creeps. Utilizing privacy settings also to protect the accounts from being accessed by strangers.

Don’t post for likes

You don’t want something “instafamous” to end up as something that will ruin the future. Keep positivity, honesty and wise in your messages. Social media is a perfect way to build a online lookbook for your future. Do not risk a future job or getting into a school because of ‘likes’ or ‘followers.’

Think before you post

Nothing is ever gone permanetly, so be aware about what you’re sharing before you click the publish or send button. When an image or update has been uploaded, it is saved on the archive of the site and can usually be recovered even though it is deleted from your profile.

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