Airrack Has Vowed To Remain Stranded On A Deserted Island Until He Gets 1M Subs

Airrack who rose to fame by posting prank videos and challenges on his channel has taken his business to a whole new level. The blogger who had well over 800k followers before his recent revelation has decided to take a trip to a deserted island.

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Airrack And His 1M Target

To ramp up his followership, Airrack has teamed up with other celebrities such as Jake Paul. The collaboration has not however yielded the required results as he’d have expected.

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The YouTuber is using the last resort in his gamebook to accumulate over a million followers. This, his skill has never been heard of before. Airrack has decided to voluntarily get himself stranded on an island. Using the hashtag #saveairrack, the YouTuber has encouraged his fans to help him get to the 1 million threshold.

“My life is a living nightmare, please go to so I can get off of this godforsaken place,” the streamer begged in a video posted before the live stream began.

The streamer is closer to his goal though, as he has managed to amass 989k viewers. He has however admitted that he’s tired but will not give up until he reaches the 1 million mark.

“I’m pretty tired, but we’ve been grinding,” Decker told viewers on Dec. 25. “We are not leaving until I reach 1 million.”

Airrack does a series of activities to pass time on the island while he waits to be rescued by his fans. His streams have shown that he is not alone but has food and plants to eat. At least we know he’ll not be wary of hunger.

While this may seem like a drastic move for others, spending the holidays on an island without people isn’t a bad idea in a time when you can’t even travel. The streamer seems to be having some fun as well. You can watch with him as he makes the journey to his 1 million subscribers threshold.

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