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TikTok not only provides means for entertainment, but it also provides it’s users with ambition. The goal is now to get tons of followers and be worthy enough to move into a content house. TikTok Content houses are houses mostly mansions where primarily Gen-Z TikTok influencers reside together and create content for TikTok.  This concept is not new as Youtubers have had to live together in a space that enables them to do what they love to do. It is very much helpful to be among people with similar interests so we have decided to put together a list of some TikTok content houses in Los Angeles in no particular order.

Dance Dome

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They take pride in the fact that they are the first group made up of professional dancers. Their content is mostly centered around dance performances of trendy songs.

Alpha House

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Creative Meeting

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Co-founder, Adam Cohen stated that the focus of the house is to be a friendly and nice house. Members of this crew include Peyton Jordan, Sydney May, Emily Nicol, and Karin Moskalensky.  They create dance videos and content showing their life in their crib.

Kids Next Door

The Kids Next Door house was launched in May 2020 and founded by Marcus Olin, Marcus Olin’s girlfriend, Stephanie Margarucci, joins him as a member of the house, Other notable members include Jesse Underhill, Hailey Orona (who goes by Ona), Cameron Buchanan, Jack Corcoran, and Brandon Westenberg. Influences, the talent management company, had invested in this house in addition to houses Drip Crib and Girls in the Valley.

Drip Crib

The members of this crew live and make videos in a house that costs $18,000/month. They receive support from the major investment paid by a talent management company called Influences.

Honey House

This house is referred to as the TikTok house for adults. It is home to four couples. While the members all contribute to the house TikTok account, their careers vary: one is a mindfulness coach, another is an e-commerce brand strategist, and multiple are fitness trainers. The house started as a way to quarantine together, and they post challenge videos and events from their lives together

Vault House

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Created in May 2020, Vault House is powered by Six Degrees of Influence, a talent management agency. Members include Cayman Rhodes, Jackson Krecoich, Kiera Vanias, Rave Vanias, Bryce Xavier, Peyton Sama, and Keith Pichardo.

Glam House

La Demi announced the creation of the Glam House, a collaboration house “where all genders, races, & sizes can collaborate on all things GLAM”
She introduced herself as the Founder/Director of the house, while Cole Carrigan is their first content creator and co-founder.

Hype House

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This TikTok house is made up of some of the most popular TikTok influencers. Notable former and/or current members include Addison Rae, Charli D’Amelio, Dixie D’Amelio, Chase Hudson, Avani Gregg, and Thomas Petrou. Daisy Keech was another former member who left and started Clubhouse Beverly Hills.

Sway House

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Sway House is one of the first TikTok collaboration house created. Some of TikTok’s biggest male influencers are members of Sway LA, including Bryce Hall, Griffin Johnson, Josh Richards, Jaden Hossler, Noah Beck, Kio Cyr, Quinton Griggs, and Anthony Reeves.

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