Dixie and Charli D’Amelio Allegedly Cheated To Win The Creator Games 2

Popular YouTuber, Mr. Beast, is known for hosting a YouTube original tournament titled “The Creator Games” where popular YouTubers come together to play trivia games for a quarter of a million dollars and the biggest prize on YouTube, “The Smartest Creator in the World”. 

The first edition was wild as 662,000 viewers streamed the live show and the October 2020 edition gained a million streamers which was a massive rise from what they experienced in the earlier edition.

The tournament took place on October 17th and it started by 2 pm PT/5 pm ET.  It started with 24 competitors face off in a series of head to head matchups.

The Competitors line-up was indeed starstudded and it included Addison Rae, ZHC, Dream, Bretman Rock,  Mark Rober, and The D’Amelio sisters. It was announced that the winner receives a grand prize of $300,00 and the money was not to be spent by the winner but given to two or more of their subscribers.

The D’Amelio Sisters emerged winners in the final round. In the first round, they won a match against Preston. They moved to the next round and they had to compete against Yes Theory and they won.

Their competitors in the third round were MatPat & Steph making them eligible for the next round where they faced Kwebbelkwop and won. 

At the last round, Dixie D’Amelio won by knocking off ZHC in a one on one trivia final. When asked what they would use the money for, Dixie said “We’re going to do something on our family channel just to give back to the people who need it.” 

Public Reactions

News of the sisters’ victory received a lot of backlashes as a lot of viewers have had a lot to say about the competition and the nature in which the girls played.

The game was supposed to be “community-centered” and towards a good cause but a lot of viewers insist the D’Amelio family cheated. In the first round against Preston, It was a 4 vs 1 game as the girls included their parents in the game despite their absence on the lineup list.

Mr. Beast’s Response

Internet hate and accusation became so intense these past few days and the host of the tournament, Mr. Beast spoke on it. 

Either way, the tournament was fun to watch and we can’t wait to see how the sisters spend the money. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Creator Games?

The Creator Games is a tournament where popular Youtubers come together to play trivia games. They compete for a quarter of a million dollars and the biggest prize on Youtube, “The Smartest Creator in the World”. 

Who Is Dixie D’Amelio?

Dixie is a TikToker known for posting videos of herself dancing. She is one of the most-watched TikTok creators.

Who Won The Creator Games 2?

After the final round with ZHC, Dixie D’Amelio won by providing answers that we’re closest to the right answer. She played alongside her family.

Who Is Mr. Beast?

Mr. Beast is a YouTuber known for giving out gifts to people in videos on his channel. He has 45.1M subscribers on Youtube.

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