How Much Is Chandler Hallow From Mr. Beast Worth In 2021?

Who Is Chandler Hallow?

Chandler Hallow, 22, is a YouTube star who is a frequent collaborator on the channel MrBeast. He is also a major affiliate of the channel. He has appeared in many of Jimmy’s videos from 2018 onward. Their comedic challenges, pranks, and donation videos have drawn 49.2 million subscribers on MrBeast’s channel as of October 2020.

Chandler Hallow

Chandler’s Early Life

Chandler is one out of six siblings in his family born to Todd and Alicia Hallow. His older brother are Jordan, Mike, and Zach, while his sisters are named Hannah and Cassidy.

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One of Chandler’s brothers, Zach, is an astute fan and follower of Mr. Beast. He even made an appearance on Mr. Beast’s channel at some point. Jordan and Mike are not outspoken on social media and have remained a private duo. The older brother Jordan did his tour in Afghanistan and is barely in any of the family’s photographs.

Chandler went to college at Chowan University in Murfreesboro where he soon joined the baseball team. Though he’s had no playing time, it can be seen from other family member’s social media handles that the love for the game runs in the family.

Chandler Hallow in College

Although he has kept his relationship life private, it is known that Chandler is in a relationship with Lauren Farquhar. They have been in a relationship since October 2018.

How Much Is Chandler Hallow Worth In 2021?

Chandler’s humour and comedy mimic is a notable plus for him. Along with being a prominent figure in Mr. Beast’s stream, he also has a self-titled YouTube channel. Before rising to fame, he was Jimmy Donaldson’s janitor. It was his humour and comedy that brought him to lime light, allowing him to feature in Jimmy’s streams.

Chandler’s YouTube channel has garnered more than 3 million subscribers over the the years. Their Mr. Beast account has more subscribers with over 49.2 million people on the channel.

In 2019, his net worth was estimated at approximately $100k to a million dollars. This value has remained unchanged in the year 2020. His main income is from their youtube streams.

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