Jake And Logan Receive Praise From Famous Podcaster

The Paul brothers have been under the spotlight for a while now. Be it good or bad, the brothers sure know how to put up a show. It was not too long ago that Jake defeated Nate Robinson in an awesome performance.

Jake and Logan Paul

His victory has raised speculations regarding his next possible fixtures. The boxer has in recent days restated his commitment to defeating Conor McGregor, a fight we hope to see in the nearest future.

I have Dedicated My Life To Defeating McGregor – Jake Paul

It’s not only Jake who’s been making music at the party. His brother Logan is another character to notice. Logan has been upping his game too. The boxer has drawn the attention of Floyd Mayweather who has accepted his challenge and the date is already set. By next year we shall be witnessing a fight between the two boxers, one, undefeated throughout his career, and the other, looking to break the unbeaten run.

Logan Paul Set To Fight Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Be it as it may, the brothers have also been involved in some scandals. Just recently, Jake was sued by one Dos Santos who claimed to have been brutally attacked by his posse. Just before that, it was after-party hiatus that led to serious criticism from the online community.

I think it’s safe to say the boys are all around on this one. Even amid new criticism, someone has something good to say about the duo.

Joe Rogan Heaps Praises on Jake and Logan

Popular podcaster Joe Rogan has come out to praise the Paul brothers despite the wave of criticism facing the duo. In his 1580th podcast titled “episod1580 with Schulz”, Joe had a few things to say.

Rogan speaks on Jake and Logan Paul

Joe has described the duo as an original tough pair. Speaking on youngest brother Jake, Rogan said “dude, he’s good. So is his brother. We played a video of his brother wrestling Paulo Costa, his brother is f***ing legit. He’s a legit athlete,” referring to eldest brother Logan.

Joe also let some positive feelings fly, debunking critics who feel the duo are just YouTube pranksters. For Joe, he believes they have genuine strength as boxers. The podcast maestro urged critics to respect the Paul brothers, stating that respect should be given where due.

But comes another tangible question, will the good bond shared by the duo remain? And if so, will it prevent them from facing each other in the boxing ring? For now, we do not know, but we hope to find out in the not too distant future.

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