5 Musicians Who Supported Donald Trump

The road to the 2020 U.S general election was an arduous one filled with so much drama. From a year that was highlighted by various remarkable events on a global note, the elections were one thing everyone looked up to. 2020 would not have been complete without the drama that unfolded at the polls as going down as a historic event in the lives of Americans and the world at large.

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As with the common man, celebrities also took sides when it came to who they preferred at the poles. Even some of the most famous celebrities including musicians were caught in the electoral frenzy, wanting to see their candidates emerge victoriously. Here’s a list of 5 musicians who supported Donald Trump.

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1. Lil Pump

American rapper Gazzy Garcia also known as Lil Pump is one of the most notable members of the SoundCloud rap scene. The star was one of those who endorsed Donald Trump’s candidacy.

2. 50 Cent

Who does not know Curtis James Jackson aka 50 Cent? The American rapper is renowned for his music, songwriting skills, entrepreneurial prowess, and many more skills. The star was also in Donald Trump’s corner.

3. Lil Wayne

Who does not know Lil Wayne? Ths star was also among the heavyweights who threw their support behind Donald Trump during his regime.

4. Kid Rock

The star was spotted most times playing golf at Trump’s golf course. He even took a few shots with the political heavyweight thereby restating his commitment to the cause.

5. Ted Nugent

Along with his music career, Ted is also a renowned songwriter, guitarist, and political activist. The star is also among those recognized as Donald Trump’s supporters.

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