Noah Beck Reveals Why He and Dixie D’Amelio Wanted To Stay Private

I can’t be alone when I say I’m so happy that Noah Beck and Dixie D’Amelio have finally confirmed that they’re really dating. The question now, though, is, why did it take them so long to go public with the information?! Luckily, Noah recently spoke to Paparazzi about the couple ‘s decision to share the story.

“The plan was to stay private,” Noah told Hollywood Fix. He acknowledged, however, that he was “more out there” when it came to expressing love for Dixie, which prompted a lot of people to believe he was getting a friend zoned.

“People were like, ‘Damn, she doesn’t saying him,’ and I was at home, just sitting there like, ‘If only they knew.'”

So, the couple wanted to make things official, and Noah agreed that it “feels good” to actually be able to talk about it. “It’s awesome,” he added. “She’s dope.”

The TikTok star also confirmed that his phone background is simply a picture of him kissing Dixie in her music video. Fans saw the photo last week and, of course, began to speculate.

As for Dixie’s ex, Griffin Johnson, Noah says that his fellow Sway House member is “very mature about” Noah and Dixie dating, and there will be “no more diss tracks” in the future.

Still, the situation with Griffin seems to have certainly had an effect on Dixie. Noah said that she had “100 percent” on her guard regardless of what had happened. “I didn’t want to rush anything,” he admitted.

The most important piece of information that Noah disclosed during his interview with the paparazzi, though? The name of the pair is Doah NOT Nixie. Cue’s a million Doah fan pages that have been built on Instagram.

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