5 Important Lessons on Social Media Awareness

The internet is awesome. Don’t get me wrong, there is so much to see, to share, and to laugh, but you have to be careful in this digital world we live in.

But it is a little like opening the house’s front door. Although we trust some who will come through it, it’s difficult to monitor others who may walk in and bring in all kinds of bad stuff. Internet access has exposed many of you to sensitive and sometimes offensive topics and bullying that affect your self-image, and probably your mental health.

Educating not only you on how to better use the Internet and, specifically, social media, but also your parents and teachers is extremely important

Here are 5 important lessons on social media awareness:

Know your goals

Know what you want to do with your social media. You can just talk with friends or you can share important events in your life. Every application has its own unique focus and purpose. Speak to your friends about what they’re using and why.

Your information may not be private

Trust me, your information isn’t private. Read the privacy settings, to see what you consent to when you set up an account. Many social media service providers don’t explicitly or simply disclose their privacy settings.

Only let trusted people follow you

Only share your information with people you trust. Do not accept requests for friends or personally identifying information from someone you do not know personally.

Your parents are smarter than you think

Your parents are WAY smarter than you would imagine. Speak about what you are doing on social media, and get their advice. They just want you to be safe, and not just ruin your fun.

Never post your personal information

Never post any personal data, such as your phone number, address or full name. Never share offensive pictures of yourself, always. This information will allow an attacker to discover more about you and your behaviors.

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